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 He had a lot to say...

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PostSubject: He had a lot to say...   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:17 am

Hello, my name is Glenn (GT: EuIogY), and I'm here because this clan rocks, although I've been inactive from Halo 3 for months on end. (RRoD) But I'm thinking of buying an Xbox soon, and starting up with the clan again. Whether it be H3 or Reach, I haven't decided yet. I found out about this clan through Jack, after I met him in a party with one of my PMS friends. He and I had been clan mates back in the days of H2o in Halo 2, so I was stoked to see him after such a while. He asked me to join, and I did. And I've kind of been a member ever since, even when THC v1 crashed and everyone quit and Jack and Whitney had to move again. Now v2 is up, and I'm prepped and ready for combat insertion. bounce

Interesting fact: Since most of the old school THCs have quit, I might be the only old school THC left, aside from Jack and Whitney.
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PostSubject: Re: He had a lot to say...   Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:55 pm

awsome, my names angjelo, (tag: Tang 00). nice to know we have some vets other than jack, whitney, and butterz. What a Face
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He had a lot to say...
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